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Virtual Training

This comprehensive online course platform is a first of its kind! The Detailing Courses will take you step by step through multiple lessons, tutorials, tips and techniques.


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Basic & Advanced Detailing Techniques

Eliminate the guesswork, 100%! Learn everything you need to know to detail like a true detailing beast! These online virtual training courses cover the right tools for the paint correction and ceramic application job, step by step walk throughs to detailing a vehicle, and how to deliver at a level that sets you apart from the competition.

The core of running a great business is producing exceptional work.


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Learn Advanced Auto Detailing and Ceramic Application

Having a deep understanding of the different levels of protection offered in the coating process means you will be able to tailor the process to fit the needs of your customers. A Step-By-Step guide to the Ceramic Coating Process. Now that you have made it this far, it is time to apply your first ceramic coating. Using this video as reference will guide you through each step of the application to make it as seamless as possible!

& Marketing

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Everything you need to run an effective business.

There is no limit to how large you can grow your business if you are willing to take the time and learn about all of its components. These courses will teach you all the essentials – from knowing what equipment to carry to setting up ads on Facebook to generate your leads and sales prospects. These courses are essential prior to understanding the sales cycle

Master Sales
& Closing

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The Art of Selling & Closing More Business.

Learn the art of selling and negociating through our virtual and interactive training platform. Create a memorable first impression with prospective customers and learn how to deal with objections that typically come up during the process. These courses are essential for closing more work and keeping your business busy.

Virtual Training

Our Virtual Training platform takes out all the guess work. Learn the critical components in scaling your business through interactive training sessions never before seen in the industry.

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Live Bootcamp & Certification

Our live training is available for those entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business to the next level by becoming EVO Pro Ceramic Certified.

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