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Auto Detailing Basics


Learn everything you need to know to detail like a professional.

  • Auto Detailing Fundamentals
  • Washing & Exterior
  • Interior Detailing

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Auto Detailing Fundamentals

Learn what makes the difference between a pro detailer and a detail amateur. To be successful, it is important to establish a clear system for running your auto detailing business. Knowing how you want things done and setting high standards can help lead your team in accomplishing these tasks. Discover how conscientious auto detailing can keep your customers coming back for more.

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Learn a step-by-step wash process to provide a high quality exterior detail service as well as which products to use at each step and some tricks of the trade that will leave your customers blown away. Learn how to thoroughly wash a car with the best techniques and products for a sparkling clean finish. This part of the course demonstrates each and every step in the washing process that will help you achieve impeccable results.

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Interior Detailing

In this part of the training we will explain the difference between a mini detail treatment and a comprehensive detail treatment as well as give you step by step instruction for both services. Understand the difference in technique, tools, and pricing when comparing a mini vs comprehensive interior detailing service. See examples of what a Mini Interior Detailing and a Comprehensive Detailing Services consist of and how to charge for both.

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Virtual Training

Our Virtual Training platform takes out all the guess work. Learn the critical components in scaling your business through interactive training sessions never before seen in the industry.

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Live Bootcamp & Certification

Our live training is available for those entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business to the next level by becoming EVO Pro Ceramic Certified.

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