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Scheduling Estimates


Learn how to create a memorable first impression with prospective customers and the secret to closing more business.

  • Learn how to turn leads into estimates
  • Making the Appointment
  • Learn Pricing and Anchoring
  • Learn Handling Objections

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Turning Leads Into Estimates

What you say and your tone during initial phone conversations with customers matter more than you think. Learn how to make a great first impression when communicating with potential customers. Learn how to be efficient in scheduling appointments with clients, ensuring that customers will show up for their services.

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Virtual Training

Our Virtual Training platform takes out all the guess work. Learn the critical components in scaling your business through interactive training sessions never before seen in the industry.

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Live Bootcamp & Certification

Our live training is available for those entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business to the next level by becoming EVO Pro Ceramic Certified.

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